Mar 18, 2010

it's official! now a med student.

Monday: I went to elbi just to visit girlfriends and have a feel of the-apartment-feeling. i cant imagine ill be missing elbi this much esp my friends. christian, ate princess and i agreed to meet at 9am in hm but unfortunately late ako nagising (this is so damn new) so i told them to go ahead nalang and ill see them in elbi na. almost all star cast kami that day: christian, ate princess, dan, yana, camille, master red and ako. we just spent lunchtime in the apt then chumika. :) i never had any single step into the campus hehehe.  we had coffee at cafe antonio aka "canton", they say, so there i learned how to play pictionary too! please excuse my kamangmangan but yes, it's my first time :)). then, we had dinner at pizza hut because as usual my visit day is pig out day for us :) i miss them lagi. i got teary eyed when we parted ways :(.

Tuesday: Dad, ate honie and i went to feu for my supposedly enrolment day. just signed some forms, paid some fees and physical exam day 1 (blood collection for cbc and hepa screening; and xray). i wasn't able to do the drug test because i dont feel like peeing. also, i still have to submit urine and stool samples  obviously, we weren't able to finish the procedure. i cant accept the fact that i am older than the medtech interns there.

Wednesday: Submitted the urine and stool samples. i drank a lot of water, as in a lot, to make sure i can fill the specimen bottle for the drug testing. nalunod ako sa tubig! sadly, we can get all the results at 2pm pa so ate honie and i decided to just go to phil. heart center to submit some of ate's requirements. im happy to find delifrance inside phc wow! then we went back to feu to get the results.

Thursday: Ate's with me again super thankful ako :) hindi ko kc kabisado ung way sa loob ng school. i showed the results and had the physical assessment. then back to tita flor to get my permission to enrol. went to student council's office to pay sc fee. there i met some upper classes and received a lot of goodluck-s from them. they're nice naman and very welcoming. then we met dad, paid the whole tuition in rcbc, back to registrar to get my com printed! i like my student number, it's 2010MD022T :). finally nakapag enrol naman ako today! haii im done and it's now official. :) btw, i belong to section a, to my future classmates see you see you! :)

So have you been to a place like this? To see your breath as it paints against the sky.. the fever is near i wish you were here...

Mar 11, 2010

miss u much

Dad's here na . We're all so happy! Im so loving jewels chocolates from galaxy and betty crocker goodies! First Day palang, we feel that dad's here na talaga because of the food! at last after two long months we tasted good food again. he cooked chicken pork adobo na super yummy :). well, it shows naman kasi we all grew this big because of dad's cooking. anyway, i agreed with mom that i should enrol within this week. too bad feu increased tuition again. i think last year its only 83k if you pay full (higher if you pay thru split cash or like instalment) but for this school year it's 91,390 for full payment. gaaahd i really should do well in medschool. btw, i saw a cute cute pink sling bag in fleurcraft! im not really a fan of pink bags as in no no no but this one is so cute. another one is my most awaited omg accessory! i have to wait, thanks tata!                  

Sometimes, when you and I collide... I fall into an ocean of you, pull me out in time..

Mar 4, 2010

busyness rants

I've been so busy lately: meeting my high school friends for some chat, drinking (coffee and 'drinks'), planning for out reunion, running some parents' errands all the way to roxas blvd, some things for the bank and here in the house, sisters, the apple-of-my-ears now, and of course working. I really do hope everything will turn out well for our reunion. We found the resort na somewhere in winston street east fairview. Final date is on April 10-11, second weekend of April. Layout for the tarp was done na rin thanks to Ate naci. I finished printing the tickets already so for distribution na lang din. I made another blog for our reunion para sa forms. So hectic. Mom emailed me a while ago asking me what do i like for her homecoming. I cant decide yet. Im still thinking if i'll go for the bag or the phone. Whichever of the two will make me so happy. By the way, yesterday 'apple' didn't call me,ang weird pero namiss ko siya, ayoko! Well, he called kanina kaya smile nalang ako. Mamaya magjjog kami ni bekah and kim but i doubt magigising ako its 3:20am now.. Then at 1pm ill meet sarah at feu prolly at sbucks (yey tea tea more tea latte yummy!) then ill go get some papers about fees and enrolment details. Haii i miss camille, yana, ate princess and the boyfriends: bestfriend red and daniel. Buti happy din ako kc excited na ko uuwi na din si Daddy... i miss you so much dad! 


Now is all I got and I don't know if there will be tomorrow for us. Now is all I care about now that you are here..

Feb 22, 2010

what I miss about Doha.

Jacuzzi at the 22 floor and the lobby where we used to 'salubong' Mom every afternoon.

BeverlyHills' pool & gym where we go whenever the treadmill in Regency is out-of-order.

Mom's everyday bring-home: Sandwich from subway & GMA TVshows na believe 
me paulit ulit pero i still watch because I have no choice.

Regency Residence and the elevator shot Deb and I always do.

Bacardi Breezer at 10am! The veranda which is my haven for morning combo :)

Sleeping time with mommy and deb. And of course the beautiful city lights, the last image i always see before i close my eyes.

The food and dinner dates.

... what i miss the most? MOMMY! :)

Waited long to seize the day.. all things said and plenty done, life's too short!

Feb 20, 2010

i got in.

Finally I have a school to go to for medicine. well i applied in one school only, that's feu-nrmf, and luckily i passed. But I don't feel really happy about this because some of my friends still have to wait and do something to get a slot. I thought because it's feu, it's easy and they will accept almost all applicants but its not the case now :(. Nakakainis. Sila pa yung sure na papasok. I really do hope maging okay lahat. You can view the list of first batch of accepted feu-nrmf medschool applicants here.

Some stupid chick in the checkout line was paying for beer with nickels and dimes..

Feb 18, 2010

make a flick

Two days ago, i felt quite bad because i cancelled my teaching classes for the first time and there i got my first cancellation ratio. It was because of some internet connection problems. Yesterday I didn't open my schedule because Wednesday is time for friends. Afternoon coffee-slash-pigging-out time with camille, red, yana and dan makes my week. Btw, Boston's cheesecake is improving also tumatamis na, in fairness. And oh, I have a news: They have internet na.. Congratulations! Luffs! Maybe that's for your, ehem, anniversary? Which was exactly 68 days before I embraced single-hood? haha! Anyway, so what else for today? Nothing, I overslept again so this is a lazy day na naman for me. Tomorrow i should do better haha. Tonight excited ako magteach! I dunno but teaching is somewhat becoming a hobby for me already. Another thought to ponder on from urban dictionary:

Home wrecker - A person who takes a taken invidual with the intensions of breaking up the relationship and creating a relationship of their own. (ex. Once a home wrecker always a home wrecker, so watch out.)

I wanna be your superman, I'm trying to save our love the best way that I can, cause these girls they're like kryptonite...

Feb 16, 2010


I'm so lazy that's why i need a PUSH. Hopefully sipagin na ko sa Thursday! I should go there to get my free facial and get my hair colored na. I don't have any reasons to be lazy coz its for effin' FREE, okay. I need need need to drag myself to go. Btw, last night i had a 5 hour phone call (12mn-5am) from a friend in the phil. army. I slept at 5am and woke up at 12:30, how's that? Haha what's up with facebook? Parang nabuhay mga tao! Im chatting with five friends all at the same time plus replying to comments. Kath and I are getting mushy din lately. Now, I have sore throat because of frappe overload. Bakit ba kasi ang lapit lapit mo sbucks?

Hey, now I'm crashing, don't know how it happened but I know it feels so damn good..

Feb 15, 2010

i am complete

The thought of Valentines day had been dreadful for me since I joined the singles' society. Well, not until this day that i realized singlehood is truly a blessing :). Yes, of course I know because I am now in the stage where I can actually differentiate the feeling of Valentines with vs without a partner. When you're in a relationship there are a lot of expectations esp during this day. Before, I always think of saving for our valentines date, now its all for self pampering and thoughtful goodies for friends. I feel so new, I allowed my self to be happy.  This is my first time to spend Valentines Day with a friend after 7 valentines and I regret that i didn't even consider doing this before. So ironically, this is one of the best vday ever. :) I had a date my dearest friend kath. We met at 1pm in Shopwise then off to Shang. There we realized we both left our cameras at home and sadly we dont have any picture of our first single vday.We decided to watch the movie valentine's day on its 6pm schedule so just shopped, boought books at pb and ate early dinner. I bought some stuff from aldo and crossings. Next on my list are the Steve Madden shoes and bag i saw there. We ate at Secret Recipe and some desert from Mrs Fields. Hmm I love mee goreng ♥ !  BTW, I like the vday movie lots of hot guys! McDreamy and McSteamy are there! Too bad Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper broke my heart urgh why? watch the movie haha! I got teary eyed of Julia Robert's story. Well all those happened in just one valentine's day. Haha! Last stop? Bought a cake for my sisters and for kath too. When I arrived home we ate Tikoy for the Chinese New Year! So who wouldn't love this day? I just hope meanne could join us next time.

Love is all that I can give to you.. Love is more than just a game for two..

Feb 6, 2010


i went to feu-nrmf for pre-interview orientation of med applicants. I saw familiar faces there, people from uplb nakakatuwa sana dun din sila magenrol. :) im so feeling it na! caaant wait for June im excited about medschool, tho environment is not so new to me, the school itself is a lot different from uplb. the campus is so small which i love because of my lazy nature, the white uniform, new friends, new experiences, the rush, the pressure, and studying medicine of course. Also, my school (future palang pala) is so near our home so leeesss hassle. Hehe this time tatamarin na ko sa lahat ng bagay wag lang sa acads. I promise myself to always give my best shot this time. I opened my eyes and i need to dream BIG esp sa acads. Oh yeah, let's do this!  I hope classmates kami nila yana and rachel :).

- walang gaanong cute swear pero i crush the post grad intern na nagtour sa amin kanina heehee. :)

Jan 25, 2010

caffeine overdose

Im happy that there are lots of sbucks here in our place, but i think its not a lucky thing. im spending too much for my coffee addiction. i dunno kape na ata ang dugo ko. pagnagccrave ako nakakainis kasi ang daling isatisfy ng cravings ko, grr! i met some friends this week and dahil super lapit ng sbucks smin dun kami. then the super dalas talkovercoffee with my sisters. hay! dahil jan i got a customer's voice receipt. i answered the survey already and that entitled me for one free drink, not bad right :). Mom's coming home just for one week because my uncle died this week lang. She will go to Tacloban after one night of stay here. Im still happy we can spend some time with mom. Anyway uuwi naman sya sa March. Summer means new phone for me too, yay! :D

Jan 18, 2010


today is shopping day that's why i'm still happy tho a bit tired because i wasn't able to sleep before i my class tonight. my sisters shopped their own stuffs too and deb is happy about the new store the big shop haha finally she found the right shopping haven. i bought new accessories, a cute necklace and a nice bangle (to those who know me, they know how much i love cuff bangles esp the bangle that my mom got me from africa). i bought 2 cute skirts from mng, one red skirt with white flowers design and the other black and white skirt abstract design. Since ammahal and i ran out of cash due to my impulsiveness, i promise to be back to buy the blue flats and another sling bag from mng. ate and ato were here a while ago. i missed my nephew soo much. He's really cute and big boy na :). He knows a lot of things to do. super sarap ihug ni ato hehe. so there gotta say good mornight na, i really am too tired now but anyhow im happy! :D

Jan 14, 2010

wednesday is elbi day :)


I went to elbi yesterday and for the first time I liked the weather, cold-windy-but-not-so-gloomy day. At last im done with it yey! At dahil happy kami, Yana, Camille, Dan, ate princess and I went to Paseo to have dinner and some good pasyal time. Master Red, bawi next time, promise! I missed our last sem late night getaways! Natuwa kami kay kuya sa Grilla haha! Then, super picture time, thanks Yana! I had so much fun, i thank you all i hope you enjoyed the food too. :) I spent the night in our apartment and I missed my bed too. That's the first after two months i think. Halatang namiss ko matulog dun I woke up at around 8:30am, quite late for my 6am daily routine haha pagising ko nakauwi ni si camille after ng first class niya. I feel so happy, I missed out goodmorning greetings, haha!

Pictures to be posted soon.

You give me, give me colored kisses, colored kisses for my lips to taste..

Jan 12, 2010


Yes, for various reasons, i feel so red:

1. Kinikilig ako. Kanino? Secret. :)
2. I'm nervous for tomorrow.
3. I think ive got sugar rush. Ang hyper ko.
4. I feel so happy and gay :D
5. I bought a new red lipstick haha!

...I want this forever I swear I can spend whatever on it. :)

Jan 11, 2010

i have to.. i dont like.. I know now..

I should be productive this day. I need to get this done or else history will repeat itself and I cant let that happen. I just had breakfast with fruitcake as my dessert, now i feel sleepy maybe because of the rum. Excuses, haha! I got a new Bhs shirt from mommy but i dont like the color that much, green, again. I have lots of green in my closet and i think its too much :)). She bought me mng top too tho it looks like pretty much the same as the last one she gave me. Its ok, thanks mommy, i love you! Speaking, I dont like the idea that H&M is a bit known now, in the Philippines. They have one of the nicest clothes esp their plain shirts and dresses! I have nothing against new people loving it, I just dont like the idea. Anyhow, I think I know now what I will get next from mommy haha :). Summer pleeease come nooow!

Okay, so out of my december boredom i made this kiddie painting which i used as a side-table mat heehee! just sharing :D

my hands my hands MY, UH, MY, cant keep my hands off the cookie jar...

Jan 10, 2010


Holidays are now over and I should go back to loving greens. I had been eating a lot because of the holidays. I gained a lot of weight again urgh. Too much parties, eating, and that christmas holiday season drinks from sbucks. Tho most people dont like Toffee nut Latte, idc, is still my all time favorite. The barista told me last night that the christmas promo was extended. I thought the concern is just all about the stickers and I got my planner already so I didn't pay much attention to her. After we got our orders I just then realized that Toffee nut is still available, but its too late, crap. Okay so back to what's-up-with-me-lately, yes, i am working now. I think its kind of a part time job only but still worth calling a job and im loving it. Much thanks to Dianne who introduced rare job to me. I can't think of myself waiting for June to come doing nothing. I have to work to break the monotony of my life :)). I have to have something to look forward too everyday. I have to be busy. I tried to get a call center job and during the contract signing i backed out because they do have a shit called bond. I need to work with them for a certain time or if not ill be paying them 20k. Is it what you call a job? I don't think so. I consulted my Mom and she told me not to pursue it any more because I know my self that I will resign the moment i get tired and hey there's medschool waiting for me too. The same day (the contract signing day), Rare job called me, had a phone interview and scheduled me for a mock lesson. After 2 days i got in. And now, I'm an English teacher and loving my work so much. Who wouldn't love this kind of work? We are paid hourly,  its an on-line home-based work so all i need is my laptop and the internet, time of work is also flexible so we set our own schedule, no travel and clothing expenses, and NO tax. You can earn as much as what you can have as a call center agent but the difference is less hours of work and you talk with kind people, no shouting and irate customers hahaha. I dont want to work just to be scolded. Im having a fun time with my work now, its addictive. Everyday i always look forward to teach and talk with them (not to mention i have a favourite student lol). It feels good also to have loyal students. I got 26 bookmarks too in my first 13 days, no cancellation ratio, good evaluation score, and zero dissatisfaction percentage :).

What about the Christmas and New Year's Day celebration? Deb and I are the "punong abala" for the christmas eve dinner preparation. we did not let daddy get busy with food stuff because he's leaving immediately after noche buena. He has a flight going to Doha at 6am so we he have to leave the house off to naia at 2:30am. I was happy that Daddy was able to spend christmas with us and with mom and joy too. It was still morning of Christmas day when he arrived in Doha, thanks for the 5 hours time difference. Same goes with New Year's eve dinner. We cooked a lot of foods too. Of course our fruit salad tradition is always there. Here are some pictures: Christmas 2009 and New year.

We had an elementary reunion last Dec 27 at Pier One tomas morato. Thanks JV and Anne for the pictures. Fun fun fun. But i think we still did not have enough time. I wasn't able to talk much with some people. I wish to see them again, esp my school service mates!

Haha, and also, I bought a book last jan2, the title is "How to Be Single"! It's written by Liz Tuccillo :). Yesterday the book I bought from ebay was delivered here too. He's not just that into you is the title.Yes i think ive become a fan of her and greg behrendt. Liz is a writer and consultant of Sex and the City ;).  What i like most about them is that they're very straightforward. You're like being slapped on the face, haha and sometimes tough love is good, right? -- :).

Jan 8, 2010


Promises are really made to be broken. I haven't kept my promise. Lazy me. :))

What's up with me lately?

im employed.

Im liking this job so much!
Thanks Papa God :).

Dec 6, 2009

so Christmas

The thin cold air makes me realize that here comes the Christmas time! Its nice to walk around the neighborhood and look at each house's Christmas lights :) At last we're done putting on our Christmas lights too! :)

Nov 30, 2009

29 november 2009

Bekah called yesterday morning asking me to watch New Moon with her but too bad Ive already watched the movie. So we just met after her movie time :). We spent the whole afternoon at SM Fairview. Its been a long time since ive been there and its really huge now daming changes, but what really pissed me off is the tremendous number of people, parang hindi nauubos yung tao. Coffee time at coffeebreak kasi puno ang sbucks, whew sayang stickers but but but their Macadamia Frappé is ♥. Their Jasmin tea (yes im really trying to live a healthy life now) is worth a try too..! Haha we stayed there for five hours just talking and talking. Hindi pa natapos ang paguusap namin so we had dinner at our home. She went home 9:30 na. I had a blast with Rebekah Lou haha! 7 hours of fun and MIND STIMULATING conversation! We talked about everything from our highschool days, new college experiences, love, to politics, economy, religion, geog, science, and literature. Hay thats what i really miss about her, the level headed conversation. Love you Bekah Lou :).

Nov 23, 2009

Taylor is so hooott

Me and my sisters debbie and joy watched New Moon in Greenbelt yesterday and now my Facebook is all about Jacob in new moon because i cant help it!!! Before, im not really into big bodied guys but when i saw Taylor Lautner in New Moon its like..(hold your breathe) wOw! O.O He really got gorgeous hot body. He ranked first in Access Hollywood's 5 most beautiful Abs. He's only 17 and has an eight pack abs :). I crush him sobra :)). Girls were totally giggling and screaming in the movie house when he took off his shirt to wipe Bella's bleeding head. Guys just cant do anything but smile haha i bet they're already thinking of getting those nice abs too :)).

Nov 15, 2009

Great Day.

I had a great sunday. We finally met an important cute person and she's so cute :). Ate Honie went to our house and we spent the whole morning together. She didn't brought Ato so quality sisters bonding time 'to hehe we all miss times like these! Super laughtrip the whole day kahit nanonood na kami ng fight ni Pacquiao. Speaking of Pacquiao, he's so damn GREAT. He'll be featured in the COVER, again, cover of time magazine! He deserves it being the first boxer in history to win titles at seven different weights after beating Miguel Cotto! We salute you Pacman! Please dont get into politics, just continue to inspire Filipinos to be proud and do great too. Cotto is such a humble fighter and he still has a long way to go. I salute him for that! Anyhow, next time we'll make sure to have pay-per-view of Pacquiao's fight, you know, you loose the thrill when watching in the ordinary cable channel because it airs the fight late and there are too many freakin advertisements. 

What else for this day?  It's my first time to eat siomai with daddy! It was in FCM after we bought umbrella for Ate Honie :). I ate balunbalunan, barbecue etc na with daddy before but this' our first time to eat siomai together haha! Thanks to master siomai in fcm! Oh, and I'll be watching New Moon next Sunday with my Sisters! Im so exciteeeed! Cant wait so i already reserved tickets and seats too! Yehey! Much thanks to M-pass!


"More tequila. More love. More anything.. More is better."